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How to identify if your lamp is waterproof


How to identify if your lamp is waterproof

Update Time:2019-09-14
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Mei Shi meets the rain, the sky is worth the late spring; March will die, and April will come! The rainy season is getting closer and closer, frequent rain and humidity are the "features" of this season, and "rain and moisture" has become an important issue for people to pay attention to at this time.
        Rainwater is fatal to all outdoor equipment that requires electricity as an energy source; therefore, the effect of waterproofing has become the focus of outdoor equipment. Nowadays, as a new display device for outdoor advertising, the "waterproof function" of the projection lamp is also an important matter for the majority of businesses and consumers.

      Speaking of the waterproof function of the projector, we have to first introduce how to distinguish the protection level of the projector lamp on the market; now there are two kinds of protection levels on the market: IP20 and IP65. How do you recognize these two levels of protection?
        IP is the international code used to identify the degree of protection, which is the abbreviation of Ingress Protectionde; the first digit of "IPXX" indicates the level of solid intrusion, and the second indicates the level of intrusion prevention.

    So we can now tell that IP20 is not waterproof, IP65 is waterproof.


      EBY is a high-end projection R&D manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of LED advertising lights/projection lamps/LOGO lamps/pattern lamps/water lamps/3D projection lamps. It has its own patent certification, professional customized product production flow workshop, independent Test laboratory, product quality has been recognized by many customers, and has cooperated with many well-known enterprises such as Beijing Water Cube, Wanda Studios, Hisense Electric, Jinli Mobile, etc. The products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and America and other countries. When the EBY projection lamp is waterproof, the IP65 includes two tests: IP6X and IPX5. When IP6X is detected, it will pump air inside the product to generate negative pressure; when IPX5 is detected, it will be flushed with water gun 3 meters away. Our waterproof rubber sleeves last up to 5 years without damage from external forces.

       If you are interested in our products, please feel free to call us for a consultation, or leave a message on the website, EBY welcomes your inquiry and visit!
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