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What is the mystery of the “membrane” worth 1.02 billion?

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What is the mystery of the “membrane” worth 1.02 billion?

Issue Time:2015-08-10

What is the mystery of the “membrane” worth 1.02 billion?


10.2 billion?

So what exactly is it?

In fact, it is the world's largest membrane structure project. The total investment of 1.02 billion, which lasted more than four years, is a water-based cube of the National Swimming Center, which is the same as the Bird's Nest.


 The Water Cube and the Bird's Nest are two different styles. They are just a soft one and set off against each other. They are more closely related to each other's traits and spirituality. For example, the bird's nest is super-powerful and has a powerful structure. Implied elegance, and vice versa, it really complements each other.

Today, I will mainly share with you the five mysteries that the Water Cube does not know.

A magical membrane that "will heal itself"


The façade of the Water Cube is made of ETFE film. You should never underestimate this film. It is a superior alternative to transparent building structures

It looks ordinary, but it contains mystery. Under its protection, it is not only warm in winter and cool in summer, but if there is a hole in the ETFE film, it is not necessary to replace it. As long as you put a patch, it will heal itself or even It will be exactly the same for a while.

2. "Automatically clean" film


The surface of the water cube is always clean. You think that someone cleans it regularly. It is a big mistake. It is because the ETFE film on the surface of the water cube is highly resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Usually, as long as The rain is estimated to be clean.

3. "Super-eat" water cube


According to the information, the number of seats in the Water Cube has reached 17,000, including 4,000 permanent seats, 2,000 removable seats, and 11,000 temporary seats. You can enjoy watching the game of swimming athletes all over the world.

4. The "secret" behind good results


According to official data, the water cube's pool water temperature is constant at 28 degrees, the water depth is 3 meters, and the waterway setting is 10. So it may not be a concept for you.

That compares the Olympics. The average Olympic swimming pool is 2 meters deep and the track setting is 8 channels. Then you definitely want to ask what the connection is. You will know after reading it.


The first is the problem of water depth. Generally speaking, the greater the depth of water, the greater the buoyancy generated, and the lower the resistance caused by water disturbance, which allows swimmers to swim faster and more fiercely.

There is also the setting of the track. In fact, the two extra roads are located on the far left and right side of the track respectively, which can effectively reduce the water disturbance and make the swimmer swim faster.

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